A Cain and Abel novel of race, jazz, obsession, and revenge….


Bluestone Rondo is a racial Cain and Abel story set to a score of jazz, obsession, and revenge.

In 1927, a black tenant farmer’s wife gives birth to unusual twins—one is dark and one is light enough to pass for white. Growing up to learn that color is worth more than brotherhood in the Jim Crow South, they fall into a trap that was set for them by generations of racial discord. After a violent fight, Joe disappears and Calvin is convicted for his murder.

As Calvin’s life takes a downward turn, Joe basks in the bright lights of New York as a successful white Jazz singer on 52nd Street. After marrying Magda, the blue-eyed girl of his dreams, his fear of exposure takes a turn for the irrational. The entertainment industry is in a cold-sweat panic over Joseph McCarthy’s Blacklist, and Joe feels threatened by the non-stop radio reports of blacklisted witnesses “naming names.” He is unable to break the moth-and-flame hold of black trumpet player Doc Calhoun and his unforgettable wife Pearl, a paradox of wisdom and heroin addiction. And Joe begins to see his brother in the shadows.

Bluestone Rondo is a story of life-and-death choices—a Jazz masterpiece of love and hate that leads to two volatile plot twists and one fatal showdown.


“You can read this story just for the plot and thoroughly enjoy yourself, or you can delve deeper into the story by stopping and reading the letters that Walker Smith has strewn along the road that will guide you through the canyons and down the arroyo to sip at the river of truth. You can certainly say that she is a writer, a novelist, but if you want to be precise, you should say that Walker Smith is a consummate storyteller. The Houston Homer still gifted with (in)sight.” (more) — Jeffrey Keeten, Goodreads 

“A novel with seismic force. The tension begins on page one, then jerks into reverse and reels you in. You are hooked.” — Joe Donn Martin, “Too Poor for Texas”

“Smith’s prose plays like music, with a soulful pulse of love, murder, and deliverance.” — Gip Noble, “Love TKO”; “Noble Cause”; “In The Lite Of Things.”

“A brilliant storyteller and historian whose characters will live with you long after you finish the book.” — Carolyn Butts, African Voices Magazine



“I loved the story of twin brothers as different as night and day. The story took place in the south at time when it was so hard for black families the make ends meet. Joe and his brother could not get along at all. They were on two different paths. Joe passing for white in the end was his down fall. I love the way author tells the story of two boys from childhood to men and all the different turns in their lives. I really enjoyed this book and will recommend it to my friends.” – Marjorie T.

“Loved this book so much I ordered a copy for a friend!! The storyline, character development and historical alignment was absolutely great! It captures your interest and holds it until the last page.”

“Excellent. Walker Smith was able to capture from the beginning and held you to the end. I loved the romance/love, mystery, history all rolled into one wonderful story.”

“Loved the book! I have never read any book quite like this. I laughed, I cried and ultimately felt like I was in the minds of the characters. Bluestone Rondo is an amazing story.”


“Can’t wait for the movie!”

“A great read! Very well developed characters and story. I can’t wait for the movie.”

“This story is age old but written in such eloquent prose that you feel as if you are living within its words. Read it, feel it, see it.”

“Great Story and storytelling!!”

“I have to say unlimited read has allowed me to read such good stories, and this one did not disappoint. I usually read romance but this book was really good. It had romance and so much more. If you are looking for a really good story this is a book that is definitely a good read.”