Walker Smith writes in a unique blend of history, drama, and suspense, delivering the most unknown details of our history through the eyes of unforgettable characters. Her novels include: The Color Line, a Harlem Renaissance/World War I epic; Letters from Rome, a Sankofa journey from ancient Africa to Vietnam; and Bluestone Rondo, a racial Cain and Abel story set to modern jazz. Smith also collaborated with music industry giant Jack the Rapper Gibson on his biography Mello Yello.


What sets Walker Smith apart from other historical novelists is her ability to tell our stories with all the tension, suspense, tragedy, and romance of history. In a unique, non-linear style, she takes her readers for a high-torque ride in a time machine, building tension and providing revelations with unexpected impact.

For example, in her racial Cain and Abel novel Bluestone Rondo, the opening scene is revisited three times, and each retelling provides a missing clue to the surprising outcome.

In each Walker Smith novel, the history is the setting, but the characters are the engine that drive the story. With an ear for dialects and a talent for revealing the inner workings of characters’ minds and emotions, Smith sometimes reveals their duplicity in brief glimpses, and other times in telling scenes. They are guilty as well as innocent — unique individuals that defy stereotypes.

“My novels celebrate the lives of so-called ‘ordinary folks’ — working class people with bills and problems, who fall in love, laugh, and struggle. They ultimately turn out to be much more extraordinary than they know.”

As you immerse yourself into the characters’ lives, you begin to notice the details of their world — a rich and accurate tapestry of current events and their impact. Through their eyes, you find yourself walking the pages of history in real time. You experience their lives. You are there.

Black history with stunning plot twists, unforgettable characters, and unexpected endings. A high-torque ride in a time machine…. THAT is the Walker Smith Experience.