What’s in a Name? Pt. 4: Moonlight, Rondo, Pearl

My love for Barry Jenkins' Moonlight and how I came up with the names for my novels Bluestone Rondo and The Weight of a Pearl. I hope Barry Jenkins discovers this blog entry so that he can tell me all the deeper meanings of his amazing story and how it became a personal memoir!

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What’s in a Name? Pt. 2: Native Son

Native Son by Richard Wright – Reading a Richard Wright novel is torture. That is why he is one of my favorite authors. He doesn’t just describe what the characters feel; Wright makes you put on their skin, drink their poison, and suffer every hot, jagged stab of their existence.

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Gay in America Before “Out” was “In”

The Stonewall Uprising occurred in 1969. Gay-bashing was suddenly all over the news, although it had been going on for decades. The word “pride” was used strictly in the context of “that’s my boy!” — but only if you were a straight boy.

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1950s Jazz Scene

Greetings, Gate! I always laughed when my father said that to me. He was a jazz drummer, and often talked in bop slang—the inventive language of jazz that was sometimes unintentionally offensive, but always colorful and witty. Women were “skirts” or “chicks” or “frails” and fellow musicians were “cats.”

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